ISO 9001 is a business improvement tool

If you want to improve your business then ISO9001 is a good tool to use. The ISO9001 standard comprises of many clauses or statements that your company should comply with. If your business can’t comply then there is gap that you need to address and implement. The chances are that your business will improve as a result of that tweak.

I worked with a company and who were a little weak when it came to verification of products supplied to customers. Although they supplied a product specification and a certificate of conformity we assumed that deliveries had taken place correctly and that a customer would call if an error had been made. Whilst this was true we wanted to be more proactive.

The missing piece of the jigsaw here was that that we didn’t obtain a proof of delivery from our carriers so we put in office procedures to verbally confirm that deliveries had been completed and with deliveries direct from suppliers we now request signed copies of the delivery note. As a result of this procedural change we have spotted delays in deliveries and rectified the situation before the customer noticed.

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