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Delivering good customer service has always been a key business driver and still is today however with the continuing use of technology enabling customers to self-service whether it’s a petrol filling station, a bank ATM, a supermarket check out, customer service appears to be something that in many businesses is a lost art. However with customers interacting with real people on fewer occasions, those occasions are more likely to be when a customer has a problem or has a complaint therefore excellent customer service is vital to a business’s success.

“If a customer complaint is handed well, customer loyalty increases.”


  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Positive word of mouth recommendations.
  • Increased sales.
  • Increased profitability.


I was first formally trained in customer service in BT. It was our customer care programe it taught me a lot, apologising, listening and showing you understand. Empathy, timeliness, taking ownership of the problem, follow-up are just some of the key points. But more important than anything is …excellent-customer-serviceAn interesting result of customer surveys is that customers accept that things go wrong but it’s how we deal with these situations that counts and the surprising thing is that customer loyalty increases if a complaint is handled well so complaint handling is really worth investing some time and money in.

It seems bizarre but when you think about when your business process works perfectly how little customer contact there is. So when a customer has a complaint it’s likely to be the first time they have a serious interaction with the company and its people.

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