The European Quality Model and Award


The European Quality Model Award (EQA Model) was introduced in 1992 by the European Foundation for Quality Management. The award is given to companies that can demonstrate excellence in their management of quality which has led to the satisfaction of customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

eqa european quality model
European Quality Award Model

The model uses the concept of enablers  and results. The nine first-level categories of the EQA model are: leadership, policy and strategy, people management, resources, processes, customer satisfaction, people satisfaction, impact on society, and business results.


  • Self-assessment driven.
  • Provides opportunities for business improvement.
  • Publicity through award submission, achievements and awards.
  • Allows a business to compare itself against other businesses.


In the 1990’s British Telecom (BT) adopted Total Quality Management and I  was involved in the EQA award submissions firstly as a departmental contributor to the award and then later as the lead editor for the operator service directorate for the BT EQA award. A personal highlight was attending an awards dinner on behalf of the Operator Services Directorate at The Lancaster Gate Hotel, London where our team received an award for our directorate’s EQA submission.

How Can I Help You?

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