Use the door I hear you say! No were talking about exit strategies and work life balance.

As business owners we own businesses for a number of reasons: – 1/ To earn a good living. 2/ To have the freedom to do what we want and how to do it and 3/ To build something up of value and then sell it. I have accumulated experience in this area as well having started a business from scratch built it up to a modest value and sold it secondly I purchased a franchise and ran it for five years and sold it but exiting a business isn’t always literally selling or disposing of it but merely being able to step back from the business so you can work on the business and not in it. This is harder and basically means you need to invest in people so you might want to recruit an operations manager so you’re not involved in the day-to-day running of the business. Providing you with Time to work on your business or time to be with your family.