Trained Facilitator

I am a trained facilitator so I can run meetings such as management meetings, team meetings, business planning workshops, quality improvement teams, public meetings. I ran a number of  Business Planning Workshops for the UK Head of Operator Services. The structure of the workshop can be determined to suit the business but could be along the following lines: –

  • Agree business vision.
  • Agree mission statement.
  • Agree key business objectives for the next twelve months.

To support this process we would include key performance indicator (KPI) results enabling discussion to be based on facts rather than perception. Other tools can be included such as a SWOT analysis whereby the group examines their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The role of the facilitator is to keep the group on track with the structure, manage timescales, record issues and action points. Furthermore the facilitator will manage any conflicts that may occur within the group and make sure everyone has their say and ensure the group achieves the meeting objectives.

Blue sky workshopBlue Sky Workshops

A useful exercise in looking at improvement by getting away from the hindrances of everyday.  The blue sky approach could be referred to as a “clean canvass”, so it is very creative and free thinking.