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Quality Management Systems

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Quality Management

Quality Management first came to my attention when I was recommended to read Total Quality by Tom Peters, I in turn recommend this book to any business owner or senior manager. Key points for me are: –

Perception is all there is

Tom Peters suggests that we base our opinions and decisions on how we view things and not on the facts as these may not be known to us. So passengers boarding a plane finding the seat back table dirty may doubt the standard of maintenance applied to the entire plane, how well are the engines maintained?

Team Work

Tom says that when NASA started its programme to put a man on the moon all employees were part of that mission, it wasn’t just the astronauts but also the cleaners the caterers. It was their mission too.

Time Cost Quality

When evaluating a business process consider three outcomes: –

  • The time taken to complete the task or process.
  • The cost of completing the task or process.
  • The quality or result of the completed task.